Terms & Conditions


Student safety is paramount. This business is registered, accredited and fulfills the conditions of Australian Child safe Policies and procedures.


Fees are outlined each term on the Newsletter.


All lessons are payable. Attendance at the commencement of term is considered a contract to attend for the term. Lessons where the teacher is absent will be documented and credited prior to the event. In the event of unforeseen situations that result in the teacher being unavailable lessons will be refunded/rolled over to the next term, with all attempts at notification of parents and child safe actions being undertaken. Student absence is at times unavoidable but enrollment in your lesson time is considered a contract to attend at the nominated time. Teachers may choose to reschedule lessons at their discretion and availability.


All care and risk assessment is undertaken in accord with child safe policies.

All students are requires to complete an emergency contact form upon enrollment. Child safety is the priority – please inform teachers id your child has a medical condition that may impact them during their lessons. In the even of a minor injury first aid will be undertaken and parents/caregivers contacted on an assessment basis if warranted. Parents will be required to sign the appropriate incident form after the incident. In the event of a serious incident resulting in injury, medical assistance will be sought with all relevant travel and medical fees at the expense of the student/parents.


Children under 5 will not be left unattended during lesson time.


Please be aware that lessons run back to back and prompt pickup and drop off ensures quality of service and avoids distress of the child. In the event of a non collection of a student parents/emergency contacts will be notified.


Exams are offered through ANZCA music examinations. International curriculum in voice, piano, keyboard, flute, recorder, guitar, bass, ukulele and theory. Exams are either practical or written and occur in two series throughout the year. Exams are NOT a requirement for all students and the required communication between parents and teachers will occur if they are to be undertaken.

Lessons are individually tailored to suit student needs, curriculum books are sourced from international ANZCA publications in accord with exam requirements and recommendations. Sheet music and elective pieces may be sourced from the internet, sheet music and backing tracks can also be offered in relation to student ability.


The House of Creative Learning believes in nurturing the creative talent and wellbeing of the individual in a safe and welcoming environment. Every presence is a blessing and has something to offer to the world. We believe that everybody has a right to learn and express themselves in a positive manner.