Tutoring Services

Independent Teaching Services operates within the House of Creative Learning.

The Director, Jo Jeffrey, worked at Port Lincoln Primary School as a School Services Officer for over 14 years, specialising in working with children with varied learning difficulties.

“In the 14 years I was at Port Lincoln Primary School, I worked with children from years 3-7 in all areas of Literacy and Numeracy. I also co-ordinated a Reading Program and Mentoring Program during my time there.”

Independent Teaching Services provides tutoring for students with learning difficulties and support for children to increase academic skills and self-esteem. There are many benefits associated with individual tutoring. It provides individual instruction for children, where lessons are tailored to the child’s learning style and level of understanding.

Tutoring is mainly in the areas of:

  • Reading and Literacy: for difficulties with reading, writing and spelling.
  • Mathematics: for difficulty in performing math operations or in understanding basic concepts.

Students enjoy instruction that is free of competition; being able to progress at their own pace. Having the full attention of a tutor maximises student time on task and provides opportunities for increased praise, feedback, and encouragement.

“Parents have expressed that to see their child’s academic skills, self-esteem and self-confidence improve is very rewarding”

The House of Creative Learning is a great place to base Independent Teaching Services; it is very close to many of the town schools for ease of access by both students and parents, and is filled with learning that is fun, challenging and successful.

If you are considering tutoring for your child, contact Jo Jeffrey at:

Independent Teaching Services
6 Park Terrace
Port Lincoln
South Australia 5606

Mobile: 0421 118 682
Fax: 08 8683 4337

Email Jo