What’s Happening at The House in 2019!

New teacher

Welcome to John Collins who joins our team in 2019! John is a local lad that went away, did his Bachelor of Music on double bass, taught and then worked on cruise ships in the orchestras for 5 years. John will be taking our new students in fundamental music as well as any aspiring bass players.


House Choir

The House has a choir ensemble on Tuesdays from 5-5.30pm. This is a Kodály based learning program for all ages who want to learn to sing and is a good stepping stone for more formal lessons. $20 per session.


The Steiner Creative Arts Hub

The Steiner Creative Arts Hub has been formed to demonstrate the inspirational, practical application of the philosophy of Rudolph Steiner and to learn skills in a creative manner that are life long and nurturing for the soul.

Processes are underway for The She-Oak Steiner School to open in 2020. The House of Creative Learning will host this wonderful initiative in its initial stages. The hub programs are designed to give people an understanding of the methodology. They are also open to everyone, whether interested in the philosophy or just wanting to learn skills using quality materials and methods.

The She-Oak Steiner School community, also run a playgroup which meets once a month. The Music Circle is an instrumental ensemble that teaches music fundamentals through the use of story, song and instrumentation. Students will sing, play recorders, kalimbas, percussion and later on lyres to explore the world of playing music together. $20 per session.

Commencing in Term 1 – Mondays from 4-4:45pm (primary age group)

Commencing in Term 3 – details to be confirmed (kinder age group)


Garden Kraft for Kids

Garden Kraft is an art/craft and gardening program. Students learn about the seasons, growing food, planting, and cover projects including wool work, paper folding, weaving, soap making, dying with plant materials, wax modelling and wet on wet painting. $20 per session Wednesdays 4.30-5.30pm (primary age group)

Garden Kraft for Adults

Crafty souls come together once a month to share ideas, learn new skills, work on their own projects and discuss the Steiner philosophy. The last Saturday of the month 10am-12pm at Cooringal, free, bring your own project.


Literacy, numeracy and music lessons

We also will be continuing our literacy/numeracy programs with Jo Jeffrey and music lessons with Aysha Gentilin, Paul Backman, John Murray, Greg Eden and Lesley Gentilin

For more information on any of the above and our terms and conditions contact Lesley Gentilin on 0427 186 874.