Garden Kraft

Garden Kraft is a fun, arts and craft program aimed at combining making and creating with learning about the natural world. It is suitable for all ages.

Activities are based around the seasons, understanding the plant world, growing a garden to create an ecosystem, learning botany, identification, plant uses, history and our place on the earth.

Craft activities include painting, drawing, textiles, exploring the techniques of a wide range of different artists, and making use of recycled materials and natural fibres. Projects will include making things from scratch, eg. paper and soap, to understanding processes and following instructions.

There will be poetry, story, myths and legends, all interwoven amidst the making to inspire the senses and ignite individual creativity.

The goals are……

  • Express creativity in a nurturing environment

  • Develop skills by making art and craft projects

  • Learn about the garden

  • Develop and grow as an individual and in a group

  • Have fun!!!

This program is run by Lesley Gentilin, who has had many years experience as an organic gardener and alpaca farmer. She is a fibre artist who spins and creates projects from her alpaca wool.