ANZCA Music Examinations


Australia and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited are an examining body of the performing arts. Forming in 1983 ANZCA were one of the first examination systems to design a syllabi for both classical and modern streams of music. The grades offered range from Introductory through to Associate Diplomas and Fellowships.

Exams are offered for accordion, brass instruments, drum kit, guitar, bass, mandolin, organ, keyboard, piano, voice, woodwind instruments and ukulele. Group exams are also offered for various grades of classical singing, recorder, string quartet and piano duet.

An exciting recent addition to the exam syllabus is the ukulele. ‘I Play Ukulele’ is currently being written by The House of Creative Learning’s Lesley Gentilin and Johnny Murray. Book 1 is available for purchase and books 2 and 3 will be released very soon.

Dealing with ANZCA has been a very positive experience with lots of encouragement and support given by the examiners. Exams are a benchmark, which show the work that has been achieved throughout the year. The journey is as important as the actual exam because students work on high quality material, which raises their standard of playing and gives them achievement to be proud of. Each syllabus is carefully graded and designed to help individuals become fine musicians.

The House of Creative Learning is proud to have been associated with ANZCA for many years now and this year Lesley Gentilin has been appointed the South Australian representative for this examining body. We have seen a large number of both children and adults undertake practical and written exams and look forward to our continued association. 

For more information visit the ANZCA webpage

I Play Ukulele Book 1 cover 2015